Discorso di Viviane Reding

Il 9 luglio scorso la Commissaria Europea Viviane Reding ha pronunciato un importante discorso. Gli argomenti trattati sono molti, ma mi concentro sul seguente passaggio: "[...] In the meantime, internet piracy appears to become more and more "sexy", in particular for the digital natives already, the young generation of intense internet users between 16 and 24. This generation should become the foundation of our digital economy, of new innovation and new growth opportunities. However, Eurostat figures show that 60% of them have downloaded audiovisual content from the internet in the past months without paying. And 28% state that they would not be willing to pay. These figures reveal the serious deficiencies of the present system. It is necessary to penalise those who are breaking the law. But are there really enough attractive and consumer-friendly legal offers on the market? Does our present legal system for Intellectual Property Rights really live up to the expectations of the internet generation? Have we considered all alternative options to repression? Have we really looked at the issue through the eyes of a 16 year old? Or only from the perspective of law professors who grew up in the Gutenberg Age? In my view, growing internet piracy is a vote of no-confidence in existing business models and legal solutions. It should be a wake-up call for policy-makers. [...] (enfasi mia) Argomenti che da anni andiamo ripetendo in molti, ma purtroppo inusuali in bocca ad un politico: possiamo sperare che anche in Italia si possano sentire parole simili, invece che analisi e proposte o smaccatamente di parte o gravamente limitate ?