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Analisi e fatti

[...] My first mentor at The Times, the great James Reston, always used to say that what with television and radio and one thing and another, it was analysis, more and more, that readers looked to us for. Don't just give us the news, tell us what it means, to us and to the rest of the world, he said, and he was right. [...] But the solid reporting still has to be there first. If the factual underpinning is not thorough, complete, scrupulous, and fair, the analysis will be shallow and flawed. [...]
Detto da Craig R. Whitney, Assistant Managing Editor, The New York Times, 16 ottobre 2006 (link all'articolo completo, enfasi mia). Osservazioni valide (eccome!) per i media italiani, ma anche per tutte le professioni intellettuali.